About Us

DEBTFORCE Ltd t/a Risk Recoveries is considered to be a leader in its field of credit management and consultancy based on some 18 years of direct industry experience. Risk Recoveries is continually striving to provide cost-effective solutions for New Zealand businesses for the many issues that can occur within the daily management and operation of the receivables department within their business. Risk Recoveries is not just a debt collection company, its range of services are designed to provide protection to the business as well as information for informed decisions. 

Risk Recoveries acts for some of New Zealand’s most respected companies providing a full range of preventative and receivables services. The benefit of the teams years of practical experience culminates in a national and international service primarily in commercial and business sectors. Risk Recoveries has developed an effective program incorporating methods and procedures, providing to its client’s confidence and peace of mind that any credit-related issues entrusted to Risk Recoveries are receiving a high level of priority while being resolved in a thoroughly proficient and professional manner.

Utilizing the services of Risk Recoveries enables your company personnel to move on with the day to day business of servicing its customers thus reducing unproductive time, effort and stress on them. The program is designed for quick action as and when required while guiding those responsible for the credit function through the many difficult issues that can arise.

As an account ages the program implemented is fully professional, and non-offensive while at the same time educating your customers that your business has an effective credit management program in place that follows through once a sale has been made. This assists to maintain a profitable and harmonious business relationship between the parties and in turn makes your payment a priority by your customer.