Credit Checks

When identity and credit fraud are continuing to grow at an alarming rate, just the confirmation that a person is who they say they are can provide some level of comfort to your business. Intelligent information can make all the difference to effectively identify these potential risks. It is important to any business as part of their risk management strategy to establish what risk an applicant seeking to obtain credit facilities may or may not be to the business. The ability to check and confirm an applicant’s details as well as their purchases, credit levels and payment history with third parties can assist to minimize the exposure a business has to its customer base.
Information contained in the report
 Confirms information provided by the applicant
 Veda Advantage for credit history
 Ownership, directorships or shareholdings in other businesses
 Bankruptcy Liquidations and No Asset Procedure
 Debts from the DebtForce and other databases
 Personal Properties Security Register for secured assets (up to 3 detailed listings)
 Property owned or previously owned
 Drivers licence information confirmed
 Other information that is found during the process which may be relevant
 Tenancy Tribunal for possible rent arrears
Individual Check $45.00 – Company Check $55.00 – Reference Report – $35.00 plus GST

Credit Applications

Terms of Trade
With the changes in laws and acts that have occurred and are still occurring, the revision of the company’s terms of trade and credit application document need to be reviewed regularly. This is not only to conform with the business credit policy but also to protect the business from the unscrupulous and to ensure it complies to those changes.. This document is the receivables management insurance policy for the business and should not be treated lightly. It is a legal document and must be enforceable in any court when required, but also must be reasonable for the potential customer to accept. A no-obligation review of your terms of trade can be conducted to ensure the business is as protected as it can be.
$300.00 ex gst

Credit Checks & Applications

Know the risk of your proposed customer